Friday, June 17, 2011

Musings About Video and Video Plans for Businesses

Today was an interesting day - we had a video shoot this morning of our workshop and we also did some interviews of me and the participants.  This was all part of our Video Plan - which is something I talk about in the The Internet Plan Workbook - and there will be some online resources added to the website soon as well.

Basically we decided that video was a necessary option for our business - because not only do we want people to get to know me better and to relate to me personally, we also wanted to be able to show any media folks out there what they would be getting if they considered interviewing me.  As you may follow here in the blog or from my Twitter or Facebook postings, we are at the beginning of launching the first book in the series and we are heading out on the road this summer and fall to take it to cities all across the United States.  What would be useful about video for your customers?  Or do you have an audience other than your clients who would benefit from video on your business site?

In The Internet Plan Workshop we offer some great tips about how to use video on your website.  For example, we discuss what it is like for site visitors when they go to a site that is all video with little or no text.  How does that make you feel?  I can tell you that it really doesn't work for me and I tend to leave the site.  You might be surprised because video has become such a hot medium - but when it comes to communicating about your business, people still tend to favor text.  What video can do on your business website is have site visitors stay longer, delve into deeper issues that concern them and even learn things.  What you want to remember though is that it should always enhance and complement the other text and images that you have there already. 

Stay tuned - we will be adding video segments to the blog and to the website next month - and after that we'll add a resource about how to choose a good videographer for your business needs.  I hope you'll enjoy it!

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